"To the unknown soldier". The translation of "Ignoto Militi" perfectly describes the intent of this project, conceived in 2014 and musically born in 2018 in North East Italy. Industrial and classical sounds, supported by martial rhythms, join together to remember those who have disappeared in the darkest hours of European history and no longer have a name, because they have been lost in battle or fallen into oblivion. Drawing inspiration from his homeland, the heart of the Italian front during the Great War, and from the events that took place there, Ignoto Militi wants to remember those violent years by focusing on the feelings and sensations experienced by those who were involved in them.

⬥ 2019 ⬥

A Forest (The Cure cover)
New Europeans (Ultravox cover)

⬥ 2020 ⬥

Fall Apart (Death in June cover)
Presente (Full-lenght album)

⬥ 2021 ⬥

Ignoto Militi (EP)